The History of Wolverhampton Methodist Churches

This is a long term project which will probably take years to complete (if I ever do manage to complete it). I have for some time now wanted to gather together some history/hearsay etc. about the way in which Wolverhampton's Methodist Churches came to be sited where they are today and to record the places where now defunct churches once stood. I was finally spurred into beginning the project when some old material which cried out to be preserved turned up at Stratton Street church, I have no idea when it will be finished. This page will grow as new material becomes available and I find the time to type it in.

If any reader has relevant information then please mail me.

This site focuses on the history of Methodist Churches in Wolverhampton. To see what is taking place currently in the Wolverhampton Circuit visit

A guide to material held in the local archives about Methodism in Wolverhampton is available from the Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies. (External to this site)

An account of Victorian Churches in Central Wolverhampton is available as part of Jon Wallis's "A Brief history of Victorian Wolverhampton". (External to this site)